Our Mission

Unique in New England, the PAN lab is dedicated to the training of undergraduate researchers in affective behavioral neuroscience while  at the same time carrying out high quality scientific research. We are dedicated to both the contribution to the scientific field investigating disorders of anxiety as well as the development of the future generation of world-class scientists.

Dr. Bloom has a long track record of working effectively with students in his laboratory that are progressing well in their careers. Most of his papers in the last 15 years have his students as co-authors. Many have already distinguished themselves in their careers. It is highly probable that he will continue while doing this very sophisticated research. This is unique and valuable to the students.
— Anonymous Grant Reviewer

What We've Achieved

  • Laboratory alumni have gone on to some of the finest doctoral and medical school programs in the country
    • Cornell University
    • Northwestern University
    • UCLA
    • University of Arizona
    • University of Missouri
    • UCONN School of Medicine
    • UMASS School of Medicine
    • Brown University
    • Washington University
  • Laboratory alumni have gone on to work in some of the finest scientific laboratories in the country
    • MIT
    • Harvard University
    • Women's & Brigham Hospital
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • Brown University